Saturday, 16 June 2012

Breakfast and Weight Loss

In order to lose weight fast, most people tend to skip breakfast. However, that is the most dangerous thing that one can do. Skipping breakfast slackens the metabolism adding to weight as the body tends to hoard fat. Therefore, our tip to teenage girls or boys for losing weight is to eat a healthy breakfast that comprises of cereals, fruits, fat free yoghurt and eggs.

Having Juice, Milk , Eggs, Fruits is a great idea.You may Also try Oats or Salads

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Phil Heath and Jay Cutler Mr.Olympia 2012

Get Six Pack Abs

Protein For Health and Weight Loss

How Much Protein We Need?
When we don't get enough protein in our diet, all our organs are affected -- from the kidneys to the heart . The immune system also suffers greatly, so you are more likely to get sick and get infections.Protein Make your Metabolism Strong and keep healthy.
But What About All That Weight Loss?
Is it the protein or the calorie cuts that lead to weight loss? The high-protein diet programs and gurus will most certainly tell you it's the protein. But two recent studies say it's the restriction of calories rather than the protein that is the most important determinant of weight loss. In an Australian study, 36 obese adults, mostly women, were assigned to a 12-week energy-restricted diet that was either moderately high in protein (27% calories from protein) or lower in protein (16% calories from protein). The weight loss was similar in both diets. Researchers at Stanford University analyzed all research published on low-carb or ketogenic diets over the past 37 years. They concluded that the successful weight loss from low-carb diets was "principally associated with decreased caloric intake and increased diet duration but NOT with reduced carbohydrate content."
One of the most popular features of the low-carb, high-protein diet is thequick weight loss. Don't be fooled here. You cannot physiologically lose more than 2 pounds of body fat a week. So what are all the pounds that people lose in the first few days of starting the diet? Water. To make up for the lack of dietary carbohydrates, the body uses its own carbohydrate stores in the liver and muscle tissue (called glycogen), which in the process also mobilizes water. Many of the early and rapid pounds lost are due to -- that's right -- excessive urination!
Can a Certain Type of Protein Lead to Weight Loss?
Apparently, it doesn't matter whether your protein primarily comes from lean beef or chicken. As long as you reduce your total calories by 500 a day and participate in an exercise program (in this study it was a walking fitness program), you will most likely enjoy some weight loss and improved cholesterol levels. This evidence comes from a recent study with overweight, sedentary, nonsmoking women conducted by the Rippe Lifestyle Institute in Shrewsbury, Mass.
A recent six-month trial demonstrated that replacing "some" dietary carbohydrate with protein improved weight loss -- but this was when the diet was still, overall, a reduced-fat diet.
Higher protein is in vogue these days because of the publicized success of quick weight loss. But studies also show that there might be long-term health consequences of such a diet, and slow but sure weight loss can take place with a healthy high-fiber, moderate-protein, and moderate-fat plan -- a way of eating that we can live with for the rest of our lives. Yes, we do need protein, but at levels of 15%, not 50%, of calories from fat. So when it comes to protein, it looks like moderation is the healthiest choice of all.
How Much We Need on Daily basis It depends on our Age, Sex, Weight.

A normal person need 1 gm Protein as per body weight like if your body weight is 70 kg then you need approx 70 gm protein per day.
Protein Recommendations for Men
19-30 years old0.8 gram per kg per day (about 56 grams per                               day)
31-50 years old0.8 gram per kg per day (about 56 grams per day)
51-70 years old0.8 gram per kg per day (about 56 grams per day)
Protein Recommendations for Women
19-30 years old0.8 gram per kg per day (about 46 grams per day)
31-50 years old0.8 gram per kg per day (about 46 grams per day)
51-70 years old0.8 gram per kg per day (about 46 grams per day)

SOURCE: the Dietary Reference Intakes report by the Institute of Medicine, 2002  
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Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Why WEIGHT TRAINING is better!

Weight training and cardio both are important for fitness, but when it comes to really changing how your body looks, How much strength you have, how much resistance power you have, weight training always wins.

1) Weights burn fat more than cardio: As you gain muscle, your body gains a bigger "engine" to burn calories more efficiently 24 hours a day. Cardio works on burning calories only when you are doing but in weight training your muscles tissue breaks and it takes calories to recover so it also burn calories when you are idle.

2) Reverse the aging process: You lose muscle as you age, but weight training prevents that loss. So ‘USE IT OR LOSE IT’. Weight training makes your muscles strong so you look like younger than you are.

3) Develop strong bones and connective tissue: By stressing your bones, strength training improves bone density and makes you less prone to injuries.

Also weight train hard and enjoy better posture, great physique, disease free life and last but not the least an awesome mood and energy levels!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Some Tips for Summer Season

When your body becomes hotter in summer, muscle enzymes speed up and burn glycogen fastly, depleting stores of the sugar that your muscles use for fuel. At this time You need to drink more fluid to keep your body hydrate. This is most common and effective tip for summer that Drink Water As much as you can. And keep you body hydrate.Most of people left their workouts because of hot and sweating.

we suggest a few measures to keep your metabolism active and cool that are easy to follow:

1.    Eat light and small meals: Take a breakfast of sweet, juicy fruit like:Ripe summer fruits - peaches, plums, melons and pears, are exactly what your skin craves for in the hot season. Citrus fruits are also very cooling. Eat whole or extract their juice, store in the refrigerator and sip often throughout the day.

2.    Include salads in your diet: Salads are delicious ways to stay cool. These foods contain a huge amount of water. Salads can actually thin the blood, which has a cooling effect. Onions are great in the summer, because of their ability to beat the heat and provide relief from summer ailments.You can add Onion, Cucumber, tomato and many more. you can have green tea or a spoon of onion juice if you get sun stroke or heat

3.    Make your body cools through sweating: Add small amounts of hot spices to food while cooking. Hot peppers, fresh ginger, and black pepper are all great spices to make it really hot for you and then to cool you down. 

4.    Hydrate your body: Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. Water is the best drink as it doesn't contain any sugars that can add up to unnecessary calories. For a change, a lemon and honey drink can also fill your body's lost fluids and work as an energizer. 

Drink water even if you are not yet thirsty. Once you have the feeling of being thirsty means you are already dehydrated. 

5.    Wear loose, full-sleeved cotton clothes: to protect the body from the sun and to aid
Evaporation of sweat.  Use a cap to protect your head from the sun you go out. And Always keep a water bottle with yourself.

6.    Stay indoors: Restrict outdoor activities to the cooler parts of the day - early mornings before 10:30am or late evenings after 5:30pm

7.  Workout Time and Precaution: Do exercise regularly and keep drinking water between workouts. Glucose powder will keep you energize between workout. And always make your workout schedule either on morning before 9 Am or after 5:30 Evening.
You can have some fruits in between workouts like: grapes, oranges, Strawberries e.t.c

8. Bring Some Change: Change your workout according to weather like add some activities like swimming instead of cardio and weight training.

Please Avoid:

  • For non vegetarian: you should cut off red meat and instead go for fish and oysters.
  • Avoid cold foods and drinks(Extreme):  most of us normally pick these and they are actually known to interfere with digestion and sweating, thereby interfering with the body's natural cooling mechanisms. So, however tempting it may be to sit on your porch licking an ice cream cone or sipping a cool glass of tea, try a wedge of watermelon instead.
  • Avoid too spicy: Please avoid too spicy food and avoid food at late night. Because in summer season our body doesn’t accept too much spice.
  • Avoid carb drinks: Avoid cola and drinks which can only give you calories instead of try some Indian drinks like: Nimboo Pani, Juice, Lassi, and many more.

So go ahead and take these cool precautions! But remember the best place to start the cooling is in your body's Core.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

8 Tips to Reducing Fat

Normally Weight Loss program starts from Dieting. Mostly People reduce those extra kilos by starving themselves for a few days. However the health experts don't recommend such dieting, the weight lost through dieting period comes back as soon as people start having their Old meals. Moreover, dieting can make the body weak debarring it of required nutrients. It's better to diet consciously and in fact in a healthy manner. 

There are some healthy tips, which will help to reduce some extra Weight.

Drink Proper Amount Of Water -
 The most effective diet tip is drinking lot of water, as water is the most important catalyst in losing weight and keeping it off. Water works as a natural food for keeping stomach full with no possibility of dehydration, which leads to hunger cravings.  It also helps in flushing out toxins from the body and keeping it hydrated. Water Also helps in flushing out waste from kidneys. Drink At least 8-10 glass Water per day.

Drinking Water in early morning will help in reduce fat effectively. Remember Don’t drink water all in one time Finish your glass by having small sips.  

Do not drink just after having meals. Drink water after 30 – 40 minutes of any meals.

Make Sure To Eat Breakfast –
 Breakfast is a very important Meal for the day. Most of the people think that by skipping breakfast, they would avoid extra calories; yes it will reduce their weight. But this is absolutely wrong. Once you skip breakfast, it will make you feel weak and hungrier later in the day .It actually results in eating more. In case you don't get time to have breakfast properly, have a liquid meal to fuel your body.

Take a High Protein Diet in Breakfast like Eggs, Protein Supplements.

Break you Meals- Eat five to six small meals throughout the day, keeping your total number of calories within your daily allowance. Choose nutrient-dense foods, such as whole grain breads and cereals, lean meats and fish, fat-free dairy foods and legumes. Include high-fiber foods that make you feel full and satisfied, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. In Simple words divide your one meal in to two small meal.
It will increase your metabolism. And gap between meals increases your fat.

Make a Habit-Increase your level of activity to encourage your body to burn additional calories throughout the day. Add some physical activity to your daily routine like walking, gyming, dancing, and whatever you like. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Get up and walk around during your breaks.
Spend some time with your Friends or Children’s.

Do some Workouts - Exercise for at least 30 minutes in a day. At least 4 day in a week .Do some aerobic activities, such as bicycling, tennis and jogging 3 Day in a week to increase your Physical activity. Add at least two weekly sessions of resistance training or weight training exercises. Start training program by using the weight of your own body, then add free weights or resistance machines as you gain strength and stamina. Begin challenging your muscles with sit-ups, pushups, pull-ups, squats and lunges,. Target Big Muscles Group Like, Back, Legs and Chest. Doing Biceps And Triceps Will never going to work on fat reduction. Squats are king of all Exercises.

Protein Diet-
 Few people know that protein is very useful in weight loss. It helps in balancing out crabs by preventing insulin spikes that can cause a drain in energy and sugar cravings. Protein also helps in maintaining muscle mass, which is vital in the fat burning process. A person must take at least 20% of calories in the form of proteins.

Make a healthy Diet Plan – Make or change your diet Plan according to your need. Make your Breakfast  highest meal of the day, then lunch half of the breakfast and dinner half of the lunch.

Avoid dinner after 8 PM .And Always take a walk of 15 minutes after every meal.

Adding is good option – for reducing fat adding food always better than removing food from your diet. Dieting doesn’t mean less food it means right food at right time. Adding some fruits and salad is very good option for weight loss program.

Like:- Add fruits or Eggs in Breakfast , Salad in Lunch and Juice in Snaks.

I hope these useful tips will help you to shed some fat. and gain some Muscle fibers. Please leave your comment  for any correction.